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To Belong- Jiiyaax̓
Díina jiiyaax̓anggid! I belong with them!
To Be Different- Ada Gid(Literally "Apart from them")
Xál úu ada gidang. He's being different.

To Like- Gutaang
Náa dáang gutaangangk̓?(Literally "Is it liked by you?") Do you like it?
To Hate- Tluu
Tluugangk̓. It's hated.

To Eat-Tala
Kóóxéguit duusuut talayaan. I heard that Koreans eat cats.
To Puke- Hlk̓yáan
Chíinwáay hlk̓yáangánk̓xál. The fish was puked up by him.

To Close Your Eyes - Gwíiwuldaa
Iitl' gwíiwuldgán. - We closed our eyes.
To Open Your Eyes- St̓hli
Díi st̓hlíixa kaganiiwáay. I will probably open my eyes to the light.

To Create- Isuxa
Díina gáatl' isuxgyáan. I used to create a lot.
To Destroy- Daag̓ang
Daag̓angíixak̓gidtuminihl. It will be destroyed by them for us.

To Kill- Sgáan
Díina shx̓áawáay sgáagán éihl náa síxwtgánhl. I killed the fly because it annoyed me.
To Bring To Life- Axíinaax̓áaw
Láa gáay axíinaax̓áawgán. He brought the past to life.

To Be Logical/Rational- Ts'antíi
K̓úu ts'antíing sk̓yáax díina tluugangnáa. Math is logical, but I hate it.
To Be Ilogical/Irrational- T̓áana
Díina jiigánxál éihl xál t̓áangán íida láa saxt̓ úu íijang. I shot him because he was being irrational and plus, he's an asshole.

To Be Stupid/Ignorant/An Idiot- K̓íit̓a
Xál k̓íit̓ang. He's stupid.
To Be Intelligent- Kadaang
Gám dáang xál chiihlang aa kadaang éihl iina láa Romney x̓áagán. You can't expect him to be intelligent, after all, he did vote for Romney.

To Tell The Truth- Kihlyax̓dáa
Díi kihlyax̓dáang ts' díina dláamaal gutaangang. I told the truth that I like Black Licorice.
To Lie-  Kihlgadáa
Xál kihlgadáagán éihl k̓íit̓ang. He lied because he's an idiot.

To Go- Katsáa
Díi aa Walmart úu katsáang. I'm going to Walmart.
To Stay-  Stl'áanaa/To Come- Xáakusdaa
Stl'áanaax̓! Stay!/Xáakusdaax̓!
I finally did the first conlang challenge(Three years too late).
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EmperorZelos Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
Technicly the opposite of "go" is "come" because "go" is away motion, come is toward motion. probably it should be "move to"
arcticskua Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OK, I'll add it in a sec
Waahlis Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Or you could analyse the opposites as "come" and "leave" depending on how you frame the verbs. If you do that, "go" could imply motion, and "stay" absence of it. Matter of perspective.
EmperorZelos Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
hush! What have I told you about contradicting me! :P
Waahlis Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Student General Artist
I know, I know... I'm sorry... :(
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